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Join FEAD in its online event on 5 November 2020:

What will the German Presidency deliver on Circular Economy?

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5 November 2020 at 10:00-11:30 CET


The event will focus on the on-going discussions under the German Presidency of the Council with regard to the New Circular Economy Action plan and the key measures that are needed to ensure the full achievement of EU ambitions.

It will discuss where we stand as to some main deliverables including measures to boost recycling markets, such as mandatory recycled contents and eco-design, and waste exports, Waste-to-Energy and landfilling. It will also address how the EU Recovery Plan renders waste management and the circular economy a key priority.


  • Dr Christoph EPPING, Head of the Resource and Waste Department at the German Federal Ministry of the Environment, German Presidency, Berlin
  • MEP Jan HUITEMA, Rapporteur on the new Circular Economy Action Plan, European Parliament - ENVI Committee (Greens/EFA, The Netherlands)
  • MEP Sirpa PIETIKÄINEN, Shadow-Rapporteur on the new Circular Economy Action Plan, European Parliament - ENVI Committee (EPP, Finland)
  • Mattia PELLEGRINI, European Commission, Head of Unit, Waste Management and Secondary Materials, DG ENV
  • Jocelyn BLERIOT, Executive Lead for government, cities and institutions, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Peter KURTH, FEAD President

Moderation: Jacki DAVIS, Meade Davis Communications



FEAD co-signs joint open letter on green recovery

On 6 May 2020, in collaboration with EURic and CEWEP, FEAD has signed an open letter to the European Commission calling upon the Green Deal to be at the forefront of the economic recovery plan for Europe in the post-covid period. The full letter can be found here

Waste management in the fight against COVID-19: an essential service

Waste management and recycling activities, as Services of General Economic Interest (SGEI), need to be clearly recognised as “essential public services” in each Member State. Allowing for priority measures, such as benefitting from protection equipment and materials, and adapting to crisis mode, under the supervision of national public authorities.

For more, please consult our press release page. 

Press release: FEAD supports the New Circular Economy Action Plan

FEAD welcomes the ambitious new Circular Economy Action Plan put forward by the European Commission for a cleaner and more competitive Europe. It will be an essential component in the fight against climate change and protecting the environment.

For further information, please consult our section on press releases. 

Other News

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FEAD, the European Federation for Waste Management and Environmental Services, represents the private waste and resource management industry across Europe. FEAD’s members are national waste management associations covering 19 Member States, Norway and Serbia.

FEAD’s members represent about 3,000 companies with activities in all forms of waste management. Our companies have an approximate 60% share in the household waste market and handle more than 75% of industrial and commercial waste in Europe. Their combined annual turnover is approximately € 75 billion. These companies employ over 320,000 people who operate around 2,400 recycling and sorting centres, 1,100 composting sites, 260 waste-to-energy plants and 900 controlled landfills.

They enable the transition to a circular economy by producing resources which can be re-injected in the economy and by supplying energy. Our companies add value through innovative and cost-efficient collection, sorting, and recycling of secondary raw materials. As a result, they play a crucial role in achieving the best economic and environmental outcomes.

For more information about FEAD, please view our brochure:

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