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FEAD Biennial Conference 2017
21 June 2017 - 0:00


FEAD Biennial Conference 2017


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Paris, France

 FEAD Biennial Conference

Driving Circularity in Europe’s Industries

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FEAD position paper on the revised Commission proposal on Circular Economy

The FEAD position paper sets out our vision of how the resource management industry can play its full part in achieving a more sustainable and prosperous European economy, given the right policy framework and regulatory and economic instruments.

The position paper is available for download here

INERIS report on accuracy of air emissions measurement

FEAD together with ESWET and CEWEP is pleased to publish a report prepared by Ineris Institute addressing the question of air emissions monitoring, particularly within the IED (Industrial Emissions Directive).

The report is available in French(authoritative language version) and English.

The report focuses on reliability and accuracy at very low concentrations, which has significant implications on the drawing up and review of BREFs (Best available technique REFerence documents) and the setting of new IED-based BATAELs (Best Available Technique Associated Emission Levels). We consider that the monitoring issue must be very seriously taken into account before going further in the Waste-Treatment BREF and Waste Incineration BREF review processes and before official validation of Large Combustion Plants BREF and Reference Report on Monitoring.

Please find our summary note on this important topic here.

Explanatory note on INERIS report addressing the performance of monitoring techniques

FEAD opinion pieces on Circular Economy

FEAD President David Palmer-Jones published a series of opinion pieces in view of the new legislative proposal on Circular Economy.

1st opinion piece: Pull measures are crucial for a circular economy

2nd opinion piece: Investment is the key to creating a more circular economy

3rd opinion piece: A circular economy needs resilient markets for secondary raw materials

4th opinion piece: Free and fair competition is essential for a circular economy

Other News

The Forum of Biomass & Waste,9-10 March 2017 in Cracow, Poland

The upcoming VI edition of the Forum in 2017, will focus on current legislative directions of the implementation of key investments in “Waste to Energy” and biomass in Poland and Europe. Experts will discuss the potential of biomass, waste and alternative fuels and the issue of their quality. They will also consider how the introduction of the so-called "Blue Certificates" influenced the biogas industry.

More details in the document here or on the event's webpage.

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Save the Planet 2017, 7-9 March in Sofia, Bulgaria

The 8th edition of the SEE Waste Management & Recycling conference and Exhibition will take place between 7 and 9 March 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The environmental event is an excellent market platform and a meeting point between solution providers and their customers, between international and local players. The participation in the parallel conference is a great opportunity to obtain information about trends, legislation and perspectives.

Brochure 2017  Priority Booking Form

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Energy from Waste 2017, 21-22 February in London, the UK


Join an international audience of waste to energy experts at Energy from Waste 2017 delivering valuable content on emerging technologies, improving operational efficiency and compliance.

To book your place and to view the full conference agenda, visit www.efwconference.com

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FEAD, the European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services, represents the European waste management industry. FEAD’s members are national waste management associations covering 18 EU Member States, Serbia and Norway. They have an approximate 60% share in the household waste market and handle more than 75% of industrial and commercial waste in Europe. Their combined annual turnover is approximately € 75 billion.

FEAD represents about 3,000 companies with activities in all forms of waste management. These companies employ over 320,000 people who operate around 2,400 recycling and sorting centres, 1,100 composting sites, 260 waste-to-energy plants and 900 controlled landfills. They play an important role in the determination of the best environmental option for waste management problems.

For more information about FEAD, please view our brochure:

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Further publications:

FEAD Strategy for 2014-2020: "Driving the Circular Economy"

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The Vital Role of the Private Sector in European Waste and Resource Management (2014)

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Public Private Partnership Case Examples (2012)

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Special brochure published on the occasion of FEAD's 30th anniversary

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