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Inclusion of Minimum Recycled Content in the SUP Directive Gathers Support

FEAD & EuRIC fully support the European Parliament’s draft report issued on 9th July, to make it mandatory to produce beverage containers with at least 25% of recycled plastics by 2025. The report of ENVI Committee Rapporteur, MEP Frédérique RIES, aims to amend the proposal for a Directive [...] on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment (“Single Use Plastics” Directive).

This proposal, as acknowledged in the draft report, will encourage the creation of a steady market for recyclates, and will ensure a more circular use of plastics. It is a key measure in shifting away from the ever increasing production of single-use use plastic bottles, while recyclable ones do not follow the same trend. Collecting up to 90% plastic bottles in 2025, as proposed in the Directive, is a welcomed first step but will not be enough to steer the plastic markets towards less single-use bottles.

Read our full press release here.