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Ambitious push measures need to be accompanied by pull measures

In view of the upcoming trilogue meeting on the Circular Economy Package on 25 October, FEAD members call on the EU institutions to maintain the ambitious legally binding targets for recycling and landfill diversion, which are a central part of the revised package.  To balance the push with pull measures, the right framework conditions along with economic instruments need to be put in place. A stronger demand for recycled materials resulting in resilient markets needs to be created, in other words, the circle needs to be closed.

FEAD President, Jean-Marc Boursier: “Market forces alone have not been sufficient to ensure sufficient uptake of certain recycled materials.  We need a long term and ambitious policy framework to provide legal certainty, thereby encouraging investments by FEAD companies in more efficient waste and resource management techniques, in line with the waste hierarchy”.

FEAD Secretary General, Nadine De Greef: “The eco-design of products incentivized by an extended producer responsibility will substantially reduce their environmental impact. A toolbox of legal and economic measures together with an intensified cooperation between all actors across the value chain are required to make the transition to a circular economy happen”.

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