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  • Nadine De Greef

    Nadine De Greef

    Secretary General

    Nadine De Greef joined FEAD in 2000 as Deputy Secretary General and was appointed Secretary General in January 2006. Before joining FEAD, she gained several years of experience in European affairs working at German political representations to the European Union, European Parliament, German-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and a European federation.
    Nadine speaks Dutch, German, French and English and graduated in 1989 as an interpreter in French and German from Erlangen, Germany. Since 1994, she also holds a university degree in Political Sciences from the Free University of Brussels (VUB).

    E-mail: info@fead.be
    Direct Tel.: +32 2 732 32 13

  • Hélène Hennico

    Hélène Hennico

    Office Manager

    Hélène Hennico joined FEAD in February 2018. Before joining FEAD, she gained 9 years of experience in the standardisation sector, both at national and European level. Hélène speaks French, English and Dutch.

    E-mail: info@fead.be
    Direct Tel.: +32 2 732 32 13

  • Milda Basiulytė

    Milda Basiulytė

    Legal and Communications Officer

    Milda Basiulytė joined FEAD in 2013. Before joining FEAD, she worked as a lawyer in Lithuania, as well as at the Directorate General for Internal Market and Services of the European Commission. Milda speaks Lithuanian, English, Russian and has a basic knowledge of French. She holds a university degree in law and an LLM in European law from the University of Ghent.
    Milda is responsible for legal and market issues and for recycling/resource efficiency (circular economy). She is also in charge of FEAD's communication.

    E-mail: milda.basiulyte@fead.be
    Direct Tel.: +32 2 737 51 41

  • Margot Auvray

    Margot Auvray

    Policy Coordinator

    Margot Auvray joined FEAD in 2016. Before joining FEAD, she gained experience in European and environmental policies at the Delegation of the Rhone-Alpes Region in Brussels. Margot speaks French, Italian and English, has a basic knowledge of Russian and is now learning Greek. She holds a degree in Political Sciences from the Institut of Political Sciences of Bordeaux and a Master degree in European studies from the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve. 
    Margot is responsible for waste shipments, specific waste treatments (organic recovery, waste incineration, landfilling, hazardous waste treatment) and REACH.

    E-mail: margot.auvray@fead.be
    Direct Tel.: +32 2 737 51 44

  • Ioana Blaj

    Ioana Blaj

    Technical officer

    Ioana joined FEAD in 2017. Before joining FEAD, she gained international experience during her master and worked as an Environmental Affairs Assistant at a European federation. Ioana speaks Romanian, English, Spanish and has a basic understanding of Portuguese. She holds a M.Sc. Joint European Master in Environmental Studies: Cities & Sustainability and a B.Sc. Biotechnical and Ecological Systems Engineering.
    Ioana is responsible for the Waste Incineration BREF and Waste Treatment BREF. She also monitors EU legislation on air emissions.

    E-mail: ioana.blaj@fead.be
    Direct Tel.: +32 2 737 51 42